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When creating the perfect image of a bride, a sophisticated choice of wedding accessories comes to play its essential role. Veils and headpieces, jewelry, gloves, lingerie — every detail is meaningful and has to be perfectly relevant.

In our Salon, we offer the wedding accessories from a renowned Dutch producer Poirier.


A bridal veil is a traditional and timeless wedding head decoration, a symbol of purity and innocence. No matter what are the newest wedding fashion trends, it remains one of the most cherished bridal accessories.


Hair accessories

Bridal headpieces are a worthy alternative to a traditional bridal veil.  Hair combs and headbands, hairpins, floral and feather adornments, wreaths, intricate crystal tiaras and hair vines crowning the beautifully made hair create truly inspirational images!



Gorgeous wedding gloves — wrist-  or elbow-length — they help you feel more confident and artfully bring out the bride's personal style and distinctiveness.



Bridal stockings is a detail of wedding attire that should not be overlooked. They have to be beautifully made, sheer and run resistant. The Poirier bridal stockings perfectly meet these standards of quality. They feature a special touch, an ideal hold-up on the leg, and grant the sense of comfort and confidence.



The tradition to toss a garter during the wedding ceremony originated in France as far back as the 14th century. It is associated with the belief of the time that anyone who managed to snatch a piece of bridal attire would get a struck of good luck.  Guests would make attempts to rip a button or a piece of lace off the bridal gown, which acquired quite a pitiful look by the end of the reception. This lead to the idea of brides wearing a specific   article of clothing to be given out as a lucky piece. It was to be the bride's lacy garter. In our days it is viewed as a funny custom —  the groom has to retrieve the garter off the bride's leg in front of the guests and toss it to his single friends. The bachelor who managed to catch it is believed to be the next to marry.


wedding shoes

We are pleased to offer the wedding footwear from Cassandra, featuring average or high heels in our Salon.


bridal gifts

Looking for a proper present to a bride for her hen party? Desiring to daze the groom on your first night with original feminine outfit details hidden from extraneous eyes? Wishing to mold in your memory the most beautiful moments of your wedding in the form of wedding souvenirs and small articles of clothes?

Search through our selection of bridal gifts!


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